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Jess is a Wanderer on White Island

Jess is a Wanderer caught the boat from Whakatane and headed around 50km offshore in search of New Zealand's most active marine volcano - White Island.

With earthquakes happening all the time, hard-hats are a must whilst visiting the island. You also get equipped with a gas mask as some of the sulphur vents are particularly toxic and can make you cough or even cry! It's OK though, one of the trusty guides will be on hand with sweets for you to suck in order to relieve the effects of the gases. You're allowed to take as many as you like so, of course, I filled my pockets.

There's only one company that offers tours by boat - White Island Tours - another company does helicopter trips but I couldn't afford that jazzy adventure.

The boat trip is truly incredible. The guides are so well-informed and take small groups of around twenty people around the crater of the volcano. You get to see a sulphur lake, taste some sulphur and try the volcanic water. I won't spoil the surprise and tell you what it's like but it's a must-do trip.

You even get a packed lunch when you're back on the boat doing a little circumnavigation of the whole island.

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