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Jess is a Wanderer at HMSNZ Hinau

Jess is a Wanderer had heard about the possibility of a shipwreck located somewhere on the Firth of Thames. There was only one thing to do - jump in the car and head out in search of the ill-fated ship.

By total chance I arrived just as the sun was setting which made for some eerily creepy shots. Located on private land, I bounded over to the house in search of someone to ask for permission to access the ship. When she said yes, I couldn't believe my luck!

Now on a mussel farm, the ship has merged with its surroundings of fishing equipment and abandoned machines. It's quite the resting place filled with many rusting souls.

As an added bonus, this part of NZ is actually famous for its seabirds and you can call in to visit the seabird centre, visit the giant oystercatcher sculpture and look for nesting birds.

The shipwreck is genuinely worth visiting and if you like coastal roads then this one is worth seeing. There's free camping, you can do some adventurous driving on the beach and the views are just lovely.

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