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Jess is a Wanderer at Castlepoint

Jess is a Wanderer is regularly looking on Instagram for recommendations about places to go and things to see. Castlepoint lighthouse is extremely 'Instagrammable' so I wanted to see it for myself...

I found the perfect Couchsurfing place to stay in Masterton - about 90 minutes away from Castlepoint. I warned my hosts that I'd be waking up at 4:30 in order to get to the coast for what was promised to be a spectacular sunrise.

The drive was long and winding, it was a cold night so the threat of black ice was in the air. When I got to the coast, I could see the lighthouse standing out on a rock. It was just like I'd seen online. So distracted by the view, I found myself driving my totally unsuitable car onto the beach!! Fortunately I realised my mistake soon enough and didn't get stuck.

Once the car was parked - in the car park - I headed over to the lighthouse to watch the morning light show unfold. And oh what a show!

Starting at the car park, there's also a hike along the Deliverance Cove Track that you can complete. I recommend starting from the car park (not going along the beach) as this means you come down 100 steps, rather than going up them! The whole thing takes about an hour and you can climb right up onto one of the cliffs for a spectacular view.

A highly recommended day. You can see more here.

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