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Jess is a Wanderer at Karangahake Gorge

Jess is a Wanderer headed to the old gold mining town of Karangahake to explore the tunnels, caves and bridges. You can wander for hours and the track is suitable for even the tiniest of legs.

Start by crossing the bridge - if you're really daring, jump up and down!

Then you follow the rock face until you get to another bridge. This one leads to the bottom of 2394425924 steps so prepare for a good workout on your thighs and butt!

Once at the top, you can enter into the first cave and tunnel. The former train tracks on the ground definitely give it a spooky edge.

It's known as the 'windows' walk because there are holes in the walls where you can enjoy the beautiful views of the gorge and outside world. Don't look down if you don't like heights though!

See more photos here.

There's also Owharoa Waterfall located about a ten minute drive from the gorge. It's so easy to get to - a two minute walk from the car park area - and it's super beautiful. Definitely worth the tiny detour.

Tip: Take someone with you so you don't have to carry the tripod!

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