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Jess is a Wanderer on Rangitoto Volcanic Island

Jess is a Wanderer ventured from Auckland to New Zealand's youngest volcano. Emerging from beneath the ocean just 600 years ago, the Department of Conservation worked tirelessly to restore it to native bush and make it pest free.

If you're a morning person (or actually, even if you're not!) catch the early bird ferry with Fullers for $23. Why? Because it will save you $$ and you'll get an amazing view of sunrise over Auckland harbour! What better reason do you need! And there are three return ferries to come back on, depending on how long you want to stay on the island.

Remember when you were a kid and you used to draw a picture of the perfectly-shaped volcano? Well Rangitoto is about as close as you can get to being that perfectly-shaped volcano!

With beautiful views, stunning bush walks and caves to satisfy the keenest of adventurers, there's something here for everyone.

Make sure you don't miss the last ferry or you'll be stranded on the island and left in the hands of the elements. Or in for a big swim...

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