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Jess is a Wanderer in Auckland

Jess is a Wanderer visited Auckland as part of a whistle-stop tour before heading north one more. The great thing about travelling is the people you meet. I was fortunate enough to meet local Aucklander - Scott - who told me of three hotspots from which to view the city at night.

Armed with my tripod, a jacket, extra batteries, my camera and remote, I set off for the first spot: Sulphur Bridge. Here, you are literally underneath the harbour bridge and the views of the city are quite incredible.

The second stop on my late-night Auckland tour was the Birkenhead Ferry Terminal. Time it right and you'll get a line of light in your long exposure as the ferries come in and out of the terminal. A fabulous spot for viewing the city and the harbour bridge.

Finally, as always, the best was saved for last as we approached the Chelsea Sugar Factory. With time getting late, tiredness kicking in and an extra chill in the air, I decided to fight the fatigue and head to the third recommendation. I was not disappointed! It was beautiful. Such a clear view of the city and bridge, the lights reflected in the water and the wind (which had plagued me in the other two spots) had completely died down. It was totally worth the extra effort. If you do end up at the sugar factory, be warned that they do lock the gate at 10pm so make sure you're out in plenty of time!

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