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Jess is a Wanderer at Mount Manaia

Jess is a Wanderer headed to New Zealand's Northland - aka anywhere above Auckland on the North Island. Staying in Waipu, I headed to Whangarei Heads in search of some adventure.

Taking approximately an hour each way, you climb up to the pointy bits seen in this pic. It's an arduous walk with approximately 1000 wooden steps and steep inclines en route. Nonetheless, the views are fantastic when you get to the top.

On the way, you'll have to dodge the super-fit as they come darting past, completing in a variety of death-defying workouts. I struggled with walking so I have no idea how they managed to run! Fortunately, it's humid in the bush so everyone arrives at the top in the same sweaty heap as each other - irrelevant of the pace you choose to attack the climb in. With free parking and a toilet at the base, it's well worth the drive (and climb) to see the lovely view.

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