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Jess is a Wanderer at Kaiaua Beach Races

Jess is a Wanderer headed down to Kaiaua Beach for the annual horse races along the sand. I've never been to 'regular' horse races so I had no idea what to expect whatsoever!

Pulling into the road, it was clear that this was a big deal. There was a line of traffic and then a mass of tents as the beach is a popular camping site for tourists over the summer holidays.

Once parked and through the crowds, you find a spot on the beach and set up camp for the day. There are seven races in total with anywhere between 6 and 12 horses taking part in each. Different riders come from all over to participate. Spectators can buy $1 bets and the first one I bought earned me $10. I was on to a winner! I didn't bet again though because it was a climb up a sand dune and the line was long... haha, laziness prevails!

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