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24 Hours in Kuala Lumpur

Days 66-67: Jess is a Wanderer left Nepal and landed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's sprawling capital city. I had no idea what to expect but what a funky, vibrant city!

There's not much to tell you about KL, as with any capital city, my favourite thing to do is head off with a tourist map and see where I end up. There are plenty of buildings to see and I was advised to visit the area of Bukit Bintang. A 24 hour buzzing district with bars, restaurants and malls galore.

I trekked over to the oppositee side of the city in search of 'Times Square' but when I arrived, I realised that it's simply the name of a mall and there isn't actually a mall there to be seen!!

Had some rather delicious grub at highly acclaimed Taiwan-owned restaurant: Din Tae Fung. A fabulous restaurant offering a range of Asian foods: noodles, dumplings, soup and bottomless tea served at your preferred temperature!

I spent a lot of time at the Petronas Towers - obviously - it didn't matter from which side you see the famous architecture, there are fabulous views all around. And the air conditioning inside them is well worth experiencing to take shelter from the humidity outside!

Visiting in November, I did get caught in the monsoon rain but there are plenty of places to find shelter and the shower (though heavy) didn't last longer than 30-60 minutes so that was a bonus.

Other than that, KL is an absolute gem for eating and shopping so if you're particularly into either of those two activities then this is definitely your city! Uber is so easy to use and ridiculously cheap. The quoted price is actually the 'real' price so if you're watching your budget, that helps to make things easier.

Train travel on the metro is clean, safe and easy. It runs late into the night and costs less than 2RM for a single journey. That can't be bad! I stayed in Frenz Hotel which I'm not going to give any details about as I don't recommend anyone else stays there. It was out of the way so you wouldn't want to anyway! There's also a free bus which covers quite a large area from Petronas, around through Bukit Bintang and past the Convention Centre, Pavilion Mall and other hotspots. It really is free! No strings attached and it runs all throughout the day. Even if you're not going anywhere, it's worth hopping on just to cover a loop once to see the city going about its business.

I may get another couple of days in KL at the end of November, as there's a sky bar with good Petronas views that I'd like to see... however, at the moment my plans are all up in the air!

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