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The Big Trip.

Jess is a Wanderer has done it! The resignation has been handed in, plans are starting to come together...

It is official! On September 1st, I will be travelling to London, Gatwick airport (to be precise) to take my first ever flight to Estonia - the northernmost Baltic country. Following that, I shall be popping into Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania.

After finishing the stint in Europe, it will be time to catch a flight to New Delhi (via Istanbul) at the beginning of October. Once in India, there is no plan really. Just embracing the food and culture and (attempting to take) that epic photo of the Taj Mahal.

Once India is ticked off the bucket list, there will be a whistle-stop visit to Nepal, Sri Lanka and Myanmar (not sure of the order) before hopping over to Hong Kong, Tokyo and Taiwan.

Following all of that busy-ness, it will be time to cruise down to Malaysia, Singapore and end with some beach time in Indonesia (should I squeeze in Borneo too?). Once that's done, it'll be back to KL for a flight to Auckland (with a 13 hour stop in Sydney - whose idea was that?!) to begin the next part of the journey.

It may sound like this is all a smidge rushed - and I agree, it really rather is. However, this was all arranged as a pre-adventure to a two year extravaganza that I have lined up in New Zealand. Once I get to NZ, I won't be leaving for the entirety of my visa (or if I meet a lovely young Kiwi fella and decide to stay forever...!!!) so therefore, I want to see as many places as I can on the way. I will definitely be returning to my favourites in a couple of year's time.

So that's it, I think you're just about up to date with the plan. Please do follow along and send any suggestions you may have. I have no idea what lies ahead or what to expect! Yeehah!

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