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Pinnacles Hut

Hiking to the Pinnacles Hut is an absolute treat. With beautiful views, incredible rock formations and a well-formed track - it's perfect for all abilities. Just be prepared if it's bad weather or you'll find yourself complaining all the way to the top! I didn't mean to complain but I'd been following the weather and the promise of sunshine so imagine my frustration when I arrived to the hut soaking wet and freezing cold having not taken once decent photograph!

Nonetheless, the helpful DOC warden, Wayne, at the hut had promised me an exceptional sunrise so when my alarm was going off at 3:30 and the trickle of rain was heard from outside, I decided that there was only one thing to do - head out into the darkness with nothing but a fading torchlight (I really must get new batteries) and climb to the Pinnacles summit.

It was windy, it was raining, it was freezing cold but we persevered on and, true to his word, we got the sunset of dreams that Wayne had promised. Thank goodness we stuck around as many people had given up long before the actual beauty appeared!

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