Kruger National Park

One of the best adventures I've ever been on. Beautiful scenery and incredible wildlife.
The Zebra and The Warthog
Elephant walking in the Sunrise
Kruger brush
Blyde River Canyon
A Lone Tree
Driving Along the Road
Blyde River Canyon
Our Safari Treehouse
Lions After a Feed
Home for the Duration
What Are You Looking At?
Napping After the Feed
The Watering Hole
Two Crocodiles
Handsome Hornbill
Burnt Orange Brush
Sunset Scene
Clouds Rolling In
This Bird had the Weirdest Call
Hello Elephant!
Sunset on the Open Road
Glossy Starling
Two Headed Giraffe
Zebras and Impalas
Giraffe Reflection at Watering Hole
Birds sitting on the Hippos
Riding along on a Hippo
Watering Hole Sunset
Hippos and Birds in the Sunshine
Hippo on the Move
Giraffe and Baboon
Another Handsome Hornbill
Sunset on the River
Hello Baboon
Vervet Monkeys
Don't Laugh at Me
This is How I Drink
Posing Bird
Bird Watching
Baboon on the Move
Sunrise on the River
River Sunrise
Hippo Swimming
Giraffes Walking
Giraffes on the Move
Hello Zebra
Lilac Crested Roller
Zebras in the Brush
Lilac Breasted Roller
Zebras and Antelopes
The Lonely Tree
The Beautiful Rhino
Amazing Sunrise
Hello Little Rhino
Hello Handsome!
Early Morning Elephant Watching
Another Lonely Tree
Beautiful and Scenic

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