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Okere Falls

Okere Falls Scenic Reserve may not look like much when you first pull into the car park but don't let that put you off. Once you've left the confines of the car and crossed over the the gaps in the bush, you'll be amazed at what you can find. First, there are steps leading down to the old power station. Be careful because they were flooded during our visit! Next you can see Okere Falls and then follow a path along the river to see many rapids, other waterfalls and even a giant cave. After thirty minutes or so, you'll end up at Trout Pool Falls and you can enjoy some more relaxing waters whilst watching the fishermen try to catch something for their lunch. Another wonderful and free activity from the team at DOC.

Fast Flowing
Lonely Tree
Tuna Pool Falls
Black and White Tree
Tuna Pool Falls
The Calm at the Tuna Pools
Bushy Views
Flooded Steps
Tuna Pools Panorama
Steps Ascending
Tutea Falls
Steps to Tutea's Cave
Tutea's Cave
Water Droplets on the Cave Roof
Tutea Falls
Power Station Turbine
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