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I've only been to Australia so far...

This page will have posts about trips I took when I lived in Australia for two and a half years and about an upcoming trip to NZ. For now, enjoy my snippets on Sydney!


I have been fortunate to travel to all states, bar Western Australia. By far, this is one of my favourite countries. If you would like any information, please ask!

Sydney's Coast

Christmas in Australia is quite unlike anything I had ever experienced growing up. Sunbathing, barbecues and a Santa in speedos are all quite the norm for our friends Down Under. Therefore, as part of my quest to visit all seven continents in one year, I decided to spend Christmas 2016 in the sunshine (and on the beach!).

Sydney's Blue Mountains

I spent Christmas 2016 hiking Australia's Blue Mountains and it was quite perfect! Click below to read more and start planning your own getaway.

Aussie Road Trip

The year was 2009 and having only left Australia a year before, I decided it was time for a return visit. This time, I took my sister and best friend Holly. Read about the pickles we got ourselves into and the amazing sights we got to see.

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