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Northland, New Zealand

New Zealand's north island is beautiful and very much underrated when compared to the splendour of the south island's mountains, glaciers and lakes. However, if you're willing to get off the beaten track, you're guaranteed to be very surprised by what you might find lurking in the far north of this tiny island. I certainly was.

Just a few short hours north of Auckland is a gateway to tropical beaches, lush rainforests and little-known land formations. Here, I've picked my personal highlights to share with you I hope you'll be inspired to visit for yourself one day.

Whangarei Falls 3
Lake Whareiti 17
Waitangi 8
Cape Brett 6
Waipu Caves 5
Cape Brett
Matauri Bay 4
Waitangi 3
Waipu Caves 2
Tutamoe 2
Waipu Caves 4
Whangarei Falls 2
St Paul's Rock 3
Te Paki 2
Te Paki 1
St. Paul's Rock 3
SH10 Awanui & Kaingaroa 2
Rainbow Fall 8
Rainbow Fall 4
Pouerua 7
Cape Reinga 6
Mautari Bay
Mt Manaia Peak
Waitangi 2
Mautari Bay 5
Mt Lion
Waipu Caves 1
Mautari Bay Shells 2
Mautari Bay Rainbow Warrior
Rainbow Falls 2
Maunganui Bluff 3
Maunganui Bluff 2
Lake Owhareiti 7
Lake Owhareiti 5
Causeway Tukaktuka 2
Doubtless Bay
Waitangi 4
Causeway Tukatuka
Cape Reinga 5
Cape Reinga 3
Cape Brett 7
Waitangi 5
Cape Brett 4
Bay of Islands
Waitangi 7
Cape Brett 10
Cape Brett 9
Pouerua 3
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