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Morven Beach

Despite living less than 20km away for five whole months, I had never heard of Morven Beach so I leapt at the chance to join a sunrise outing. A group of friends headed down to celebrate a birthday - as has become tradition for the last few years. Setting a fire, cooking breakfast and listening to some good tunes; it was the perfect atmosphere. As the sun came up, we watched for dolphins but (unlike previous years) there were none on this occasion. This was my first visit to Morven Beach but it certainly won't be the last. And yes, those waves were huge. And yes. I got very wet feet! Several times.

Driftwood and Sun Star
Making a Splash
Glowing Mist
Pastel Colours
Wave Wall
Breaking Waves
The Sun is Coming
Foamy Sea
Sky on Fire
Red Sky in the Morning...
Sparks Galore
Breaking the Night with Colour
Party Time!
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