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Karangahake Gorge

After our Airbnb host not showing up and having to drive an extra 60km in the freezing cold and dark, I wasn't feeling so excited about visiting Karangahake Gorge. However, it turns out that despite the circumstances leading up to the visit, it's definitely worth the effort. Bridges and tunnels and caves pave the way for your imagination to flow when thinking about what this would have been like between 1870 and 1950. A hubbub of activity and excitement looking for gold no doubt.

Over the River
Along the Rockface
Crossing the Water
Into the Unknown
A Sealed Cave
Do you Dare to Enter?
Through the Window
Old Tracks
Window and Tunnel
Looking Down
Window and Reflection
Old Cart
Karangahake Wide
Owharoa Falls
Just Down the Road - worth visiting
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