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Guernsey Sunrise
I've always been smitten with sunrise. Something about the fact that you have to make an effort to see the sun welcoming in a new day. We've all seen sunset but you need to be committed to a sunrise. My favourite time is just as the first colour begins to break the ark of night. Of course, that means arriving a whole ninety minutes before actual 'sunrise' but I just can't get enough! Where are some top sunrise spots on the island? 

Sunrise over the Gentlemen's Pool
Saints Bay
Purple Sky - Bathing Pools
Morning Pastels
Dawn Breaking over SPP
Peek-a-Boo Sun at Saints
Shooting Star at the Pools
St Peter Port from Blue Mountain
Sunrise Reflection
Splashing at Jerbourg Point
Orange Glow
Jerbourg Point
Sunrise - Moonset
Break the Night with Colour
Sunrise at Saints Bay
Lighthouse Sunrise
Castle Cornet Colours
Sunrise over Sark
Sunrise from Clarence Battery
Sunrise at Bordeaux
Another Bordeaux Morning
Sunrise at Petit Bot
Christmas Morning Colours
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