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Guernsey's Cliffs
I can't decide if the best thing about the cliff paths are the views that stretch across as far as France or the delicious cakes that are on offer along the way at The Beach Cafe at Fermain, the dessert bar at Jerbourg or Le Gouffre Cafe. 
With eighteen miles to explore, there's no shortage of WWII bunkers, scenic views and nature along the way. You can stop, start and swim at numerous points along the way with some of my favourite spots being Saints Bay (for swimming), Petit Bot (for ice-cream), Moulin Huet (for the crab sandwich) and Petit Port (for the cave). If you're not so adventurous, I'll recommend Icart, Pleinmont and Mont Herault for the view - no steps required! I'm not going to say much more because I really feel that the cliffs have to be explored, not written about... let me know what you think.

Never-ending Beauty
Follow the Path
I call it 'Seagull Rock'
Clear Water
Storm Rolling In
Follow the Path
Seagull Rock
Petit Port Cave
Brighter Days
Crashing Waves
Sunshine Ahead
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