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Burke Street Wharf

Mining in Thames officially started in 1867 and to cope with the amount of ships coming in, the town had to build four wharves in total. Shortland Wharf is still in use today. Burke Street Wharf is all that remains of the others. It was built in 1927 but fell into disuse when the loans used to finance the project could not be repaid. Today, all that remains are the posts which held the wharf in place in the water. Whilst a rather sad story, the photographic opportunities are wonderful. I can't wait to return at high tide for an altogether different view. 

Panorama of Burke Street Wharf
Relics in the Rocks
Fallen Sign
View from the Coastal Walkway
Black and White Fisherman Sculpture
Muddy Reflections
Stretching into the Distance
Rocks, shells and posts
Muddy Views
Tripod on Hand
Orange Skies
Purple Skies
Silhouetted Posts
Beautiful Views
Wide View of Wharf
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