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7 Reasons to Visit Easter Island.

In 1995, Easter Island was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With its remote location - over 3000km from mainland Chile - and infamous maoi statues, it's a one of kind destination that must be added to every wanderlist out there. 

1. Sunrise over Ahu Tongariki

These fifteen maoi were restored in the 90s after surviving a civil war and a tsunami. Gather with the crowd as the sun rises revealing the silhouettes against a beautiful pinky-orange sky.

2. The Quarry at Rano Raraku

Easter Island is a volcanic island and most of the heads were carved at the quarry sight of Rano Raraku. Here, you can see unfinished works scattered around as you walk all over the hillside seeing how many different maoi you can spot.

3. Climbing to the Top of a Volcano

At the southernmost point of Easter Island lies Rano Kau - a biodiversity of lush green vegetation and a fresh water filled crater. Offering almost 360 degree views of the Pacific Ocean, standing on the top and feeling nothing but the breeze blowing in off the sea is a hard to beat experience!

4. Being at one with Nature

Easter Island is protected predominantly by Rapa Nui National Park. Therefore, the wild horses and cows are often found roaming freely. Roaming freely through fields, along the beach and in the roads. It's quite an experience having to stop what you're doing to allow the herd to pass by.

5. Bird Watching

I know that this doesn't sound very exciting but seriously, getting up close to a hawk is actually a pretty incredible experience to have on Easter Island... and one that's not too impossible to make a reality! 

6. Sunset at Tahai

Hanga Roa is the only town on Easter Island. Just a short walk away from the bustling centre, you'll find these statues perfectly positioned for a stunning sunset show.

7. Visiting one of the Most Remote Inhabited Islands

As if it wasn't incredible enough to be seeing the infamous maoi statues for yourself in person, visiting Easter Island actually puts you about as far away from civilsation as you'll ever be! That's a pretty amazing place to find youself. Nothing for miles except the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

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